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I have been slacking at this blog writing business.. so as it’s ‘Stoptober’ I thought I’d start here…

What if I told you that most independent scientists would agree that smoking is not actually physically addictive? That 90% is in the mind?
Have you ever seen someone in a heap on the floor because they’re suffering with nicotine withdrawal? Probably not! If it were physically addictive we’d be unable to go to bed at night without waking for a cigarette or unable to go on a long haul flight. Of course pharmaceutical companies are happy to promote the myth of the physical addiction so that they can continue to sell patches, gums etc.
There will however be some changes when we stop taking this concoction of poisonous chemicals into our bodies. First of all, smoking increases our adrenaline production, so when we quit we are physically calmer and more relaxed. Interesting, as many smokers believe that cigarettes relax them- physically impossible! Of course if you believe it will relax you, it probably will. Our minds are very good at propaganda and we like to prove ourselves right.

So how does hypnotherapy work in terms of quitting?
First of all, we discuss how and why we end up stuck with this habit. We talk about the science behind the habit, and how we know smoking is an emotional decision as it makes no logical sense. It costs a lot of money and ultimately is highly likely to kill you, so we know it’s the emotional part of our mind which promotes the habit. We talk about the shocking facts about smoking, the benefits of giving up and how we use the intellectual part of our mind to take control once and for all. We use trance (which I will explain fully in another blog post) to plant these positive seeds of suggestion into our subconscious mind and make positive and lasting change.

The session costs £110, and a smoker will know that it will pay for itself very quickly! If you’d like anymore information do get in touch.

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