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The 3 P’s!

As promised..a little follow up to my previous post about the stress bucket.

So, what do we need to do to have a nice empty stress bucket? In order to counteract that negative thinking, we need to start thinking positively! I ask clients each week “what’s been good?”

When we recognise all the positive things that are going on, however small, we begin to feel good. When we take positive action; doing something we enjoy, perhaps a hobby or getting some exercise, we feel good. Doing something productive; tackling that pile of bills that have been hanging around for weeks, we feel good and motivated to do some more. When we interact with others; a coffee with a friend, a phone call to a family member, having a chat with the hairdresser, we feel good! When we do each of these positive things we release our feel good chemical, serotonin. A steady flow of serotonin allows us to be positive, happy, and coping. If we aren’t getting the proper chemicals we can find ourselves seeking a feel good chemical from unhealthy alternatives such as food, alcohol or cigarettes.

What do we often do when we feel down? We ignore phone calls, cancel plans, stay at home.. perhaps even stop going to work. And then we feel even worse! So remember, in order to be happy we need to be doing the 3 P’s;

Positive Activity, Positive Interaction and Positive Thinking.

Start asking yourself “what’s been good?” and notice the difference 🙂